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Say Hello to November

Put away the costumes and grab the turkey, it’s November. People stop shaving, start spending more time around the fire and cook way too much food. November allows people to spend time with their loved one inside, and start their holiday shopping early. To celebrate the November, Mt Rose Drinks has put together some cocktails for every occasion.


  • The 8th is election day, cast your vote for the next president. We recommend a red, white and blue daiquiri.
  • The 11th is Veteran’s Day, say thank you to all those who served in the armed forces. We recommend a fish bowl. Check out Cocktails to say Thank You for more military inspired cocktails!
  • The 12th is National Pizza Day, grab a slice or a whole pizza, we won’t judge. We recommend a rum and coke.
  • The 17th is National Unfriend Day, time to go through all your Facebook friends. We recommend a blue lagoon.
  • The 20th is Universal Children’s Day, celebrate the children in your life. We recommend a milkshake with a twist.
  • The 24th is Thanksgiving, gather around the table and gobble up some turkey. We recommend a cosmopolitan.
  • The 25th is Black Friday, wait in line for hours to get a deal on some of the things on your holiday list. We recommend an Irish coffee.
  • The 28th is Cyber Monday, in case you couldn’t find it in stores you can order it online. We recommend an old fashioned.
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